2 July 2018

An unparalleled sensual experience … Bellagio

Masterfully invent a unique universe, where spontaneity and simplicity become the height of sophistication.

The spirit of the South revisited: Bellagio is inspired by a generous nature. Lines and curves follow one another casually, while its forms, aerial and contemporary, invite quiet contemplation.

Elegance found in the details: The solid walnut of the vanities underscores the serene perfection of the lacquer finish. The beauty of Bellagio’s finishes is matched only by the timeless shapes that demonstrate, without pretension, that nothing has been left to chance.

The freedom to create: With a resolutely contemporary spirit, Bellagio demonstrates an urban style while also bringing a happy contrast to the cottage spirit of a country home. Whatever your project, the cabinets, matching towers and mirrors allow you to create, with complete freedom, a coherent and subtle universe.

Useful beauty: Geometry and poetry, a practical and aesthetic spirit: Bellagio likes to cultivate paradoxes to bring freshness to the design of your bathroom. The multiple storage areas are optimally arranged, anticipating your expectations and fulfilling your every wish. With brio.

A harmony that is yours to compose: Bellagio puts at your disposal a palette that meets your desires. You can adopt the lacquer of your choice from twenty different shades for each piece. A choice of dimensions is also available to adapt to space constraints. Single or double basin, three or six drawers, cabinets with one or two doors, tower with a door and a mirror, with two lacquered doors or two lacquered doors and a drawer … with Bellagio, the possibilities are many and the result remains unique.

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