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Available in various decorative ceramic finishes, thickness 6 mm, the KARMA collection also comes in different lengths.

Bento bathroom furniture

Materials, ideas, colours, design ... The BENTO bathroom with simple and contemporary design is available in 5 dimensions: W 60/80/100/120/150 cm, as well as in 2 heights and a choice of 30 finishes in glossy or extra-matte lacquers and 4 wood decors.

The transparent vanity unit Ylang

The Ylang transparent vanity unit is a pedestal washbasin in Polar White Solid Surface or suspended from the slender and vegetal line. The basin can be fixed alone and then receive an optional chrome steel towel rail.

The vanity Arôme

Drawing its roots from the vegetable world, the Arôme washbasin opens in a corolla like a flower.


With a fluidity and purity in its design, Epure brings a touch of elegance and refinement to your bathroom.


Vendôme is above all an example of pure architecture.


Masterfully compose a unique universe, where naturalness and simplicity become the height of sophistication.


Create your style: Either wall-hung or sitting on its two chromed feet.


Compact and practical, the Jolie Môme collection with its curved lines will find its place and add chic to your bathroom.


If the definition of refinement is to own a unique object, then Rivoli is the best expression of luxury !


The monochromatic harmony and contrast of materials draw attention to the unique style of this collection


The Concorde collection offers a subtle balance between contemporary and elegance.


Precious and contemporary style playing on brushed finishes.


Smoothly shaped and curved, which sets your mind at rest. A design that is both beautiful and ergonomic.


The elegance of a piece of furniture that incorporates its organic design in the detail of the feet, handles, worktops and basins ... beautiful from head to toe.

DECOTEC, French manufacturer of bathroom furniture designs and manufactures many models

Some of our pieces have won awards, others have been well received in the bathroom design world. We developed innovative manufacturing processes and became a “Living Heritage Company” in 2010 for the excellence of our work.

Vanities (single or double), ceramic, Ceramyl® or Solid Décor, the varieties are numerous. Our catalog of finishes includes 20 glossy or extra-matte and 5 metallic lacquers. And wood is not left out with solid, decor or veneer, all made in-house at our factory of Tuffé in Sarthe.

DECOTEC, manufacturer of bathroom furniture for 45 years, has a design office that focuses on making the bathroom a center of focus all on its own. Whether as part of a renovation or a “coup de coeur” purchase, our collections adapt to your surroundings and offer a multitude of combinations, dimensions and design possibilities.


Being a manufacturer allows us to customize a piece of furniture almost infinitely: the number of drawers or side-drawers, the position of the basin, the LED interior lighting and the handles. Most of our finishes are worked manually. Respect for the material is essential. Walnut dogato, blond oak, ash, bleached walnut, raw oak, vanilla oak and yosemite are all hand-worked, hand-sanded and hand-polished.

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