DECOTEC’s know-how


The historical know-how of the company.

Each year, more than 4000km of tubing of all types and materials: steel, stainless steel, aluminum and brass are transformed into accessories, consoles and other furniture.

Chromed, epoxy, polished or brushed; DECOTEC offers a wide range of finishes depending on the requirements of the final product.


Created in 1989 for the manufacture of accessories, today the carpentry workshop is at the center of the industrial activity of the company. It is in this workshop that all the MDF, melamine, veneer and solid wood parts used in the manufacture of the finished products (over 5,500 different unique parts) are machined and prepared.
Highly automated to meet the requirements of high volume, the carpentry workshop also makes extensive use of the expertise of carpenters and cabinetmakers to deal with the many complex or delicate parts that are essential to the design of our furniture.


DECOTEC has established itself as a specialist in lacquer with recognized know-how (regularity and shine of the film).

The workshop has 3 lacquering lines, one of which is dedicated to varnish.

To meet our quality requirements, each piece follows the following path: application of a primer (waterproofing and fixing of the lacquer), manual sanding to obtain a smooth surface without asperities, and application of a regular paint film of a thickness of 150 microns. Finally, each piece is verified before being transmitted to the assembly shop.

NB: Some manufacturers highlight the number of layers to express the quality of their products. This representation is inappropriate since the application of lacquer is done in a single pass. More than the number of layers, what determines the quality of the lacquer is: the application of a primer that improves the resistance of the lacquer to small impacts; the preparation of the piece: the sanding that makes it possible to obtain a perfectly smooth surface; and the lacquering which must be uniform and regular. A thickness of 150 microns offers the best compromise between the quality of the finish (gloss, depth of the shade) and the technical constraints (desolvation). For solid wood furniture and veneer, we apply several layers of varnish (1 layer = a complete cycle application of varnish, baking varnish, light sanding) to completely waterproof the furniture.


While both a pioneer and leader, DECOTEC has developed a unique technology in the field of synthetic materials to support the development of its bathroom furniture business. Because the vanity worktop is the signature of the furniture, it was impossible for us not to master the manufacture of this element. From the creation of the models, research of colours and finishes, realization of molds, casting plans, machining and finishing, DECOTEC controls the entire production chain of the product. Today, we have developed 3 types of materials which are appreciated as much for their sanitary qualities as for their aesthetics:

Ceramyl :
This is a synthetic concrete covered with a sanitary gel coat (thickness 6/10 mm). Massive and naturally shiny, Ceramyl® has excellent resistance to shocks and scratches. It is easy to maintain and allows for the creation of monoblock worktops which are particularly appreciated by consumers.

Translucent resin :
This is a polyester resin that is tinted completely through. It is covered with a colourless gel coat that enhances the shine and strengthens its scratch resistance. The translucent resin is totally resistant to thermal shock.

Solid Decor® :
This is the latest of the synthetic materials developed by DECOTEC. Solid Decor® consists of 1/3 resin and 2/3 natural minerals. It is a massive, resizable material that combines aesthetic qualities – satin finish and a velvety touch – with mechanical characteristics that place it among the most robust materials. It is highly resistant to abrasive products and high temperatures (max. 200 ° C).


At DECOTEC, furniture is delivered assembled, pre-wired, ready to install. There is no long and tedious installation with the risk of damage that this represents.

Each piece of furniture is assembled in the factory by one and the same person who assembles the furniture from A to Z.

He assembles the furniture, ensures the proper functioning of the drawers and the doors, sets the worktop upon the vanity, cleans the furniture and verifies everything one last time before packing. All products are personally marked so that, at any time, it is possible to know who assembled the furniture.


  • Ceramyl® & Solid Surface have been tested according to NF EN 14688 standards.
  • Decotec mirrors equipped with lighting are class II – IP44 approved and certified according to NF EN 60598 standards.
  • Our wood panels are manufactured by wood industry manufacturers from a PEFC certified chain of custody. Decotec products are certified PEFC FCBE / 14-01511. Right of use number PEFC / 10-31-2842
  • Our wood panels are rated E1 for their formaldehyde emissions.
  • No hazardous substances classified as CMR1 or containing preservatives are used in the manufacture of our furniture. In terms of REACH regulations, our products are not considered items that can release hazardous chemicals or compounds and, therefore, do not require Safety Data Sheets.
  • PEFC / EPV certification / 5 year warranty.
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