6 September 2018

Where refinement meets brio …Virtuose

Virtuose draws its inspiration from the architectural masterpieces of the first half of the twentieth century. At the same time, its shape also evokes the Ziggurats, those Mesopotamian temples made up of several superimposed terraces. Today, this timeless tribute transports you into an elite, polished world. Let yourself be transported: The oval design of Virtuose […]

7 August 2018

ORGANIC on video !

Refinement in your grasp. When the work of human hands channels that of nature, we achieve a unique transformation. Open the realm of possibilities and leave room for a new form of creativity: yours.  

2 July 2018

When appearances hide the truth … Illusion

The search for the perfect form, which strives to unite aesthetic elegance and functionality, sometimes gives rise to a few detours. Illusion is the fruit of these convolutions of the mind, like the embodiment of a fantasy. Fascination in trompe-l’oeil: The look marries the sensuality of the curves, watching for the moment when the veins […]

2 July 2018

Subtle versatility … Bento

NORDIC SWEETNESS – A gentle sea: Bento welcomes you in an intimate and unique space. The new color Joli Teint is at the heart of the decor bringing a sense of well-being and comfort into everyday life. TRANQUILITY OF NATURE – The need to go green: The Bento double vanity, finished in extra-matte Vert d’Eau, […]

2 July 2018

Precious and contemporary … Mont-Blanc

The Mont-Blanc collection, a subtle blend of fine and elegant materials, transports us into a gracious and golden atmosphere. Gold, copper or silver, Mont-Blanc is luxurious and shines with its precious materials. The elegant Mistral Nacre finish towel rail, textile-inspired wallpaper, and accessories with golden accents all find their place in this resolutely chic style. […]

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